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4 Components of Emotional Intelligence - Part 1 Self-Awareness

self-awareness Jun 06, 2022

4 Components Of Emotional Intelligence - Part 1 Self-Awareness

By Ronnie Cunningham, EIQ2-EI Center

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has four basic components: self-awareness, self-management, empathy/social awareness, and relationship management. Each component can be viewed as a building block, with self-awareness as the foundation. The foundation and the subsequent building blocks are essential and should become an essential part of lifelong learning. You may wonder why EI is so important. 

Consider for a moment that everyone we think, say, and do is in some way influenced by our feelings and emotions. We all have feelings and emotions, yet very few have had any substantial training in this vital area. Identifying and managing feelings and emotions. Everyone is involved in numerous relationships throughout their life. Yet few have had training in how to maintain and nourish healthy relationships. Relationships are one of if not the most important gifts we have in life. Research estimates that up to80%

Defining Emotional Intelligence

According to Robert G. Jesus, “Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional, social and relational skills that guides the way we perceive, understand and express ourselves, connect with others, manage interpersonal exchange; cope with challenges, and apply emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.” 

Please take a moment to let all of that sink in. It is a lot, but EI impacts us in more ways that we can imagine and just so you know, the lack of EI impacts us in ways we may never know.

Now having shed light on EI, let’s briefly turn our attention to the four components of EI. 


 Self-awareness reflects understanding, personal acceptance, an overall understanding of personal psychology. Self-awareness is foundational to social awareness and 



 Factors Include: 

Personality elements 

 Learning styles 

 Mental attitudes & states 

Comfort & discomfort 

Strengths & weaknesses 



Self esteem 


Tension/stress levels 



Emotional Well-being 





internal Empathy 



Each component of EIQ has 5 sub-categories. 

The 5 sub-categories for Self-Awareness:

  • Self-Awareness/Understanding
  • Connections of Cause and Effect
  • Self-Appreciation, Acceptance and Confidence
  • Consciousness and Assertiveness
  • Emotional Identification

Understanding Self-Awareness and the five sub-categories, prepares for increasing awareness and the building blocks for the other components and their respective sub-categories.

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