EIQ2 Courses for Individuals

These courses are designed for busy success-minded people who desire to study, learn, and grow at a pace that fits their schedule. Improving your emotional intelligence helps you achieve better results in all you do, 

EIQ2 From a Biblical Perspective

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ2) from a Biblical Perspective is a powerful new course that reveals the transformative power of of emotional intelligence. EI has been taught for over 30 years from a secular perspective, yet this course provides Biblical support of all the components of Ei.

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Integrated EIQ2/DISC Personal Development Training

This innovative course will serve as your tour guide to begin your journey of lifelong learning of the Emotional Intelligence integrated with the DISC Personality Style methodology. Two comprehensive assessment reports and video training help you create your Personal Development Plan.

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Improve your Mental Toughness and Resiliency Skills

This course will help you become more aware of stress and its adverse effects. It will help you manage stress more effective and be able to recover from life's challenges and adversity

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EIQ2 For You

This course is designed to introduce you to the four components of Emotional Intelligence, its subcategories, and the factor of each subcategory. This course will help you connect what matters most, Mind, Heart, Emotions, and Relationships.

Available Summer 2024

EIQ2 Transformational Coaching

A fresh and innovative blend of emotional intelligence, forward thinking leadership, and personal development skills designed for leaders of the 21st century who will face non-traditional challenges in a post-COVID workplace. If thriving and transformation are important for you, this course is for you.

Available Fall 2024